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View the list of current, past and future projects undertaken by the Helping Hands Foundation.

Lollipop Project

The Lollipop Project

Children at the OPD receive a lollipop from the Doctor ensuring faster bonding & expediting the check-up process ensuring a comfort level between Doctors & Patients & more time for Doctors to see other children.

Product Drive

Product Drive

Various products such as diapers, milk powder, biscuits, Alpenliebe lollipops, walnuts & almonds, roasted packets, chocolate eclairs, small bouncing balls, small toy cars and colouring books with felt pens sent to TMH Paediatrics once a month on a need basis.

Wall Painting

Wall Painting

After receiving feedback from children undergoing treatment that the hospital environment is dull, the Helping Hands Foundation has recently had all the walls in the Paediatric OPD painted and is in the process of having the murals painted on walls.

Nutrition Project

Nutrition Project (2014 - 2015)

One of the first projects of the Helping Hands Foundation which is currently discontinued was the Nutrition Project, where we supplied the daily nutrition requirements to the children undergoing cancer treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital.